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Girl with bangs

11" x 11" $75 Funky woman with copper bags and kiln fused eyes. Sheet music background Can be wall hung or displayed in a stand

Fused glass portrait in stand

6"W x 9"H $75 Kiln fused glass on brushed brass. Can be wall hung or displayed in a stand

Steel & stained glass fish

15"H x 21"W $200 Body is "confetti" glass with iridized blue stripe. Quartz rock base included

Sitting Cat

17"H x 11"W - $175 Sitting cat stained glass with wire overlays on body.

Pine Trees

19"H x 17" W - $200 Copper patina tree & textured stained glass

Stained glass on quartz rcok

15"H x 7"W $95 "Confetti" glass with agate inserts. Quartz rock base included

Copper & stained glass fish

12"H x 24"W $200 Copper has green patina. Driftwood base included

Steel heron on stained glass

15"H x 13"W $125 Heron has brown mottled patina. Swamp foreground glass offset

Copper fish on stained glass

13"H x 18"W $80 Copper with green patina. Wooden slab base is included

Kiln fused stained glass abstract

11"H x 8"W $80 Top piece is kiln fused glass. Metal base included.

Stained glass surfer

14"H x 6"W $95 Custom metal stand included

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