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Stained Glass Artist Greg Downs

Greg Downs

I have been making stained glass and mosaics for over 30 years and it has become my passion.  Like everyone starting out, I took a beginner stained glass class making sun catchers from simple patterns.  I quickly fell in love with the media and began making larger more complicated pieces.  Today, I design my own patterns and have accumulated a large inventory of colors and textures of stained glass to use in my work.  I recently began working in metal and frequently incorporate it into some of my pieces.

Custom stained glass commissions are a significant part of my studio work.  Often, clients only have a general idea of what they want, so we spend a lot of time discussing possible designs, colors and where the piece is going to be displayed.  Only then do we finalize the design and I proceed to the fabrication phase.  When the finished piece is installed, it always results in "WOW, that is beautiful!!!".  

I think it is important to keep the art of stained glass alive, so I teach classes for beginners and returning stained glass students.  I love to see people get the same joy from their first sun catcher as I did 30 years ago. 

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