For beginners & returning students 

You will learn:

Pattern and design considerations

How to select glass (colors & textures)

Glass cutting skills

Wrapping pieces with copper foil

Soldering the pieces together

Applying patinas (colors) to the solder lines

Preparation for display.  HURRAH!!!!!!!!

 WATCH A VIDEO of the entire process:

PROJECTS:  Suncatchers & small window panels.  Returning students can work on more complex projects.

CLASS DETAILS : Five classes of two hours per session.  Ten total hours instruction.  

                                  Class size limited to 5 students

                                   $140 total for 10 hours of instruction including glass, tools and supplies

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                   Next class:  January 9,11,16,18,23 (Tuesday & Thursdays)

                   6:30-8:30 PM at my studio at 808 Cobia Lane (south of Monkey Junction)

Additonal classes will be added upon demand.

To reserve your space in the class, please reply by email and send a check for $140 (or Pay Pal) to:

 Greg Downs

808 Cobia Lane, Wilmington, NC 28409    Cell: 908-759-8671

Contact:  Gregory Downs 908-759-8671